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The Neuro-Machine Interaction Lab studies mediums of new human interaction with physiological sensors, specifically sensors that acquire brain data. The purpose is to investigate novel methods to use the brain as a third arm to assist users to perform daily activities. Also, to measure and decode the affective, cognitive, and emotional state of a person to further understand the brain's behavior during while interacting with machines. The work we do is interdisciplinary and benefits from areas of Psychology, Neuroscience, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Arts, and others. Previous work done by the Lab Director has been funded by Intel.



Research Areas:

  • Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI)

    • Affective BCI

    • Artistic BCI

    • Brain-Robot Interaction

      • Brain-Controlled Drones

      • Competitive Brain-Controlled Drones (Brain Racing)

  • Human-Computer Interaction/User Experience

    • Personal Informatics/Quantified-Self

    • Human-Drone Interaction

    • Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality




Lab director

Marvin Andujar, PhD
Marvin Andujar, PhD

PhD Students

Sarah Garcia
Dante Tezza
Dennis Laesker
Derek Caprio


Shaun Canavan, PhD
Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 4.37.16 PM_edi
Chris Crawford, PhD
Tempestt Neal_edited.jpg
Tempestt Neal, PhD

Corporate collaborators


research pillars

Brain-Computer Interfaces
Drones Interaction
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Immersive Experiences

Other initiatives

Brain-Drone Race
BCI Club

Social FEED


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